About Us

Light is one of the primary commodities that people need every day. This is why Luxtella was developed. Our company started its career way back in 1989. We have decided to continue to serve the community right after the stability of the political and economic situation in the region on February 1990. Brought about by our strong passion and fearless enthusiasm to provide customers with the best innovative technology, we succeeded and become one of the most reputable lighting companies that customers trust.

We are expert in various industries like telephony, hydraulics and pneumatics, milling and drilling machines, and cryogenics (experts in temperature and refrigerators) to mention a few. Brought about by the consistent quality of products that we provide to our customers, we have built a solid reputation with the thousands of our customers. With this, we become more inspired and dedicated to excellence to further improve the quality of our services.

We provide the most efficient LED Street lights or lamps that can be used for public lighting to roads, bicycle tracks, streets, sidewalks, parking spaces, footpaths and others. We highly prioritize the quality of products that we offer to our customers. We assure you that our products are made up from premium components crafted in EU.

We just not treat our lighting business as a career. But we treat it as strong passion that we consider as an important part in our lives. We are also aiming to build a family like relationship towards our customers. This is why we are doing the best techniques and alternative and more innovative solutions to further improve the quality of our lighting products. We are selling our products to over 40 countries around the world; our products are present on all continents. With this, we are striving to make valuable efforts to reach the satisfaction and happiness of our every valued customer.

We are a large manufacturing and R&D Company and with this, we make sure that your hard earned money that you have invested for our products will never be wasted. In addition to this, you can be worry free and stress free since we are paying careful attention to every single detail of our work to reach or even exceed your expectations and high standards.

We can provide you world class products in just a very wallet friendly and affordable cost. We do not want to add another financial burden on you. This is why we choose to offer our products for a reasonable cost without sacrificing its best quality. This is how we work. This is us.