Luxtella solar luminaires installed at the Main office Expo Dubai!

Dubai Expo 2020_1



Our model Luxtella Urban ensures higher safety and energy efficiency (replacing decorative sodium lamps) in the town of Vernouillet (Île-de-France).

Urbana Francija



Luxtella LED Lighting project in Vietnam.
Street LP 48LED 4000K 132W



Kranj, Slovenia

Luxtella LED Lighting street lights model LO has successfully passed wind tunnel test. This is customized test not required by standard certification and it has been done upon request of a special customer.
Street lights model LO had been tested for a certain period without undue deflection in all three different setups (upwind, downwind and perpendicular to wind flow).
All Luxtella street lights have been extensively tested for wind resistance in laboratories in the past years. All our current models have included design improvements as results of past non-destructive and also destructive testing to wind resistance.
Please contact us, if you require street lights able to resits wind speeds 200km/h or even 300km/h.

LO wind tunel 0st logo


Lendava, Slovenia

Lendava is a town in Slovenia famous for vineyards, spas and very artistic tower.

Among other things, there was implemented the project of lighting the parking space with the use of symmetrical Luxtella LED Lighting T-lamp luminaires.

Lendava Slovenia belo



We reduce CO2 emissions into the environment with energy-saving Luxtella LED street luminaires.
One example is our luminaire replacement project in Malaysia.

Malezja luxtella


Kranj, Slovenia 

In Luxtella LED Lighting we also do studies according to your requirements.



Kranj, Slovenia 

Luxtella have received Zhaga_D4i certifications for Luxtella OP family.

Zhaga D4i



Luxtella LED Lighting project in Maastricht. Thank you Raymond for great job.



Kranj, Slovenia 

Happy Eastern !!!

eastern card Luxtella



Behind us is a successful project in Oman approved by the Ministry of Transport.
Luxtella LO series installed on new Al Baltinah Expressway.
Thank you Manjit.

Al Batinah Expressway



Luxtella LED Urban light – new energy-saving city lighting in Austria.

Urbana Austria


Kranj, Slovenia 

We have expanded our ENEC products portfolio with the new Luxtella LN LED street light family.

LN enec


Kranj, Slovenia 

Illumination with tunable colour temperature.
To follow the biological rhythm of night and the night animals, we have developed the system of biodynamic color temperature adjustment. The street luminaries emit a color of 4000K, over the night the color temperature is reduced to 2200K.
Towards the morning the color temperature returns back to 4000K to improve the traffic safety.
We can implement this system to all types of our luminaries.



Zbiroh, Czech Republic 

Another part of the Zbiroh city, Czech republic was renovated with Luxtella OP luminaries.
Client performed measurement of illumination after renovation and confirmed that result is in accordance with photometric calculation and norms.
Jaroslav, thank you very much for successfully managing of this project.



Kranj, Slovenia 

At Luxtella, we continuously improve our production processes.
We successfully completed the regular audit and confirmed the high quality of the production management according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. We thank the entire Luxtella team for their work and commitment.



Kranj, Slovenia 

Another interesting project of LED retrofit for our client in Austria.
LED Chip Lumiled COB, LEDIL lens STELLA T2, and OSRAM OT LED driver. 30W system power. It will be fixted in a “bell” lamp. 100% custom development that satisfies the client.

retrofit 3H


Jesenice, Slovenia 

Luxtella Industrial / Flood Luminary in new production hall in Jesenice, Slovenia.
95W, 142lm/W, 4000K, DALI regulation.
Easy ceiling installation and the possibility to change inclination.
The same model can be installed also on walls or inclined ceilings.

xmas card Luxtella 2020


Urban Lamp Austria 

Luxtella Urban Lamp in Austria. 23W, 3.814 lm. Transparent diffusor. Symmetrical or Asymmetrical optic, 3000K or 4000K. Available also Opal glass and SR ready driver with Zhaga socket.


LB series 

We started with serial production of the Luxtella LB series (the new generation of LP series). Tool less access to cable compartment, great flexibility, high efficiency. ORDERS WELCOME.



Luxtella catalogue now also available in French and Spanish




Parking lot in France with Luxtella street luminaires.

Parking lot in France with Luxtella street lamps



The playground in Switzerland illuminated with Luxtella Ornamental.

Thanks, Fabian for a great job!

Playground in Switzelrnad with Luxtell aornamental


HYBRID  lamp – 230V AC & 24V DC

Our development team has created a special lamp for our loyal client in Croatia.

If the battery is full it works on battery. When the battery is empty it works on 230V AC. Automatically.

50Ah 24V battery, 280W panel, 27W lamp, 3600lm. TOYOTA among street lighting. ?

Hibryd lamp without logo


DIALUX calculation – our 24h service

We propose the right Luxtella lighting fixture for a project based on lighting calculation.

Usually, we do the calculation within 24 hours. Send us your next request!

dialux brez logo


Kranj, Slovenia

Quality is the most important. We do AQL control of system lumen output. Luxtella OP lighting fixture is in line with technical specifications and declared tolerances.



Second generation Urban lamp

We have started with serial production of second-generation Urban lamp: Opal or transparent diffuser, SUPREME series of LED, 4000K or 3000K, CRI80, up to 129 system lm/W. Short delivery term. Produced in Slovenia!

nova urbana


Street cabinets for street lighting from SMART CITY

These days we have dispatched 39 street cabinets. They will manage 2000 street lamps Luxtella LP series over the RF control system. “Quality” of in-line power is very important for the lifetime of street lamps.



Accra, Ghana

We are proud that our LED street lamps illuminate the capital city of Accra. They are equipped with an RF street light management system. Thanks and congratulations Jaka and our professional partners from Ghana.



New showroom – video conference possibilities

Due to COVID situation we have limited possibility to make business trips.

Instead of trips we use possibilities of video conferences from our new Showroom.

Please contact us and we will make video conference and present our new models, discuss new business opportunities.

Luxtella show room


Luxtella Floodlighting fixtures in the sports field

We have illuminated sport filed with Luxtella flood lamps.

Mr. Andrej, thank you for the great installation work.



Kranj, Slovenia

Our company is also open during the summer holiday.

Due to the vacations of our employees, the lead time might be a bit longer than usual.

We wish you spend a great holiday, maybe in Slovenia.


Renewed LP series

Renewed version of LP series of Luxtella street lighting fixture is here. We thank our R&D team for great work. Serial production is planned to start by end of September.


Luxtella catalogue in French and Spanish language

We are happy to offer to our partners translated catalogue in French and Spanish language.


Biodynamic Light Project, Radomlje Slovenia

There are LED street lighting fixtures and LED street lighting fixtures with tunable color temperature.

There are efficient and more efficient LED lighting fixtures.

There is also Luxtella: very efficient LED lighting fixture with tunable color temperature.



Biodynamic Light, tunable colour temperature

Lighting has important aspects as light synchronizes physiological and behavioral rhythms in our body and influences the biological clock.

To follow the biological rhythm of the night, we have developed the system of biodynamic colour temperature adjustment.

white paper


Light & Building 2022, Frankfurt, Germany

Light + Building will be held again in its normal sequence, from 13 to 18 March 2022.


Light & Building 2020, Frankfurt, Germany

L&B exhibition is postponed from March to September 2020. New date is 27 September to 2 October 2020. Please visit our booth in hall 4.0 F10


New products in our production program

We have added to our production program a new model Luxtella OP – LN series and new decorative model Luxtella URBAN – LU series.

Currently, we achieve with Luxtella LED street luminaries light efficacy up to 175 lm / W.


Kranj, Slovenia

LE-TEHNIKA, producer of Luxtella lights, celebrated 30th Anniversary.


Kommunale 2019, Nürnberg, Germany

Luxtella will be one of the exhibitors at the Kommunale 2019 between the 16. to 17. October 2019. Come visit us at the Hall 8, booth no. 605!


Expo for Public Space Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands

The largest international event for design, planning and maintenance of public space is back on 2-3 October 2019. Luxtella will be one of the exhibitors. Join us within these two days and see what is new at us. Our booth is in hall 4, no. 4.3.26.


41. Sajam građevinarstva, Budva

Sajam građevinarstva, energetike and vode is returning on Jadranski sajam in Budva between 25. and 29. September 2019! Luxtella will be also one of the exhibitors at the fair. Join us within these days and see what is new at us. Our stand is in Hall 4.


Luxtella luminaires for the tennis court


More energy saving, higher brightness and higher durability.

Tennis is a sport that needs very good lighting. Usually, the tennis courts are located either indoors or outside on the lawns. As most of the tennis courts have open tops also this tennis court has it. The local government decided to modernize the existing lighting with the aim to offer the best experience for their visitors and players.

The old luminaires were replaced with Luxtella LED floodlight industrial luminaires with DALI dimming interface. They are made from aluminum, which is able to withstand very high conditions. The aluminum casting offers good waterproof feature and can withstand water, rain or snow. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor place and installed in garages, parking lots and even for sports arenas.

There were already installed pools with the 12m of height. After replacement, we offered Luxtella floodlight with 278W. Luminaires were dimmed for 60%.


  • High performance in terms of brightness, energy efficiency, compatibility and durability.
  • The electricity costs can be reduced at least 50% while having the same brightness.
  • Expected lifetime is more than 15 years and with no maintenance costs.