Characteristics of Driver + Charge controller unit

  • 24 input
  • Dimming options (not possible with 400 and 500mA version):
  • Possibility to define diming level for first period after turn on
  • Possibility to define diming level for second period after turn on
  • Possibility to define diming level for third period after turn on
  • Posibility to set minimum discharging voltage from 21,6 – 23,6V
  • Lamp is turned on/off in accordance with charging voltage limit 6-16V
  • Overvoltage charging protection at 29,2V
  • Programming via IR remote controller
  • Unit is usually installed outside the luminairy

Mechanical characteristics

  • Housing made of aluminium
  • Top pole or side entry. As a standard equipped with a 60 mm pole connector, 76 mm also available
  • Possibility to change the inclination from -15° up to +15° in increments of 5°
  • As a standard equipped with a 0,5 m connecting cable, or longer cable upon request
  • Anodized finish and dust painted with epoxy paint & thermal treatment to ensure long-term environmental protection against all weather conditions. RAL 9006 or other upon request
  • All screws are made of stainless steel
  • All gaskets are made of ozone and UV resistant silicone for IP66 protection
  • Certified for IK10
more characteristics about leds

Optical characteristics

  • Standardly we are using PMMA that is 100% UV resistant which prevents against yellowing over the entire life time of the lenses.
  • Polycarbonate lenses ensure high impact resistance.
  • Photometric files are available upon request.

Optic G

Optimised for ME road classes and wider roads (IESNA TYPE III)

Pole height from 7 – 12m, pole spacing from 25 – 45m

Optic C
Optimised for S road lighting classes with narrow roads (IESNA TYPE II/III)
Pole height from 4 – 8m, pole spacing from 25 – 45m


*upon request available also modified optics C without back spill light

Optic N


Wide beam optics (IESNA TYPE II) optimised for long pole distances, pedestrian & bike paths


Pole height from 4 – 9m, pole spacing from 30 – 55m

Optic L


Forward-thrown beam optics (IESNA TYPE IV) optimised for wide outdoor areas and parking lots


Pole height from 6 – 12m, pole spacing from 15 – 25m