Luxtella | Ornamental LED light | Luxtella
Ornamental street light or archaic street light is an older design street light popular with on those parts of cities or towns where authentic old environment would like to be preserved. These lights are used in parks, main walking streets, older town centers, historic streets or roads, walking ways. This light optimizes light distribution to keep high effectiveness despite the older design.
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Electrical characteristics

  • 220 – 240 V (50-60 Hz) input
  • 110 – 277 V input voltage range upon request
  • Power factor at full load more than 0,95
  • Total harmonic distortion (THD) 8%
  •  Up to 99 % driver efficiency at full load with the Philips Xitanium LED  driver
  • Dimming options: Lumistep, Line switch, DALI, 1-10 V and Dynadimmer (autonomous dimming) upon request
  • 6 kV differential mode and 8 kV common mode standard surge protection. 10 kV surge protection upon request
  • Protection class I or protection class II

Mechanical characteristics

  • Lanterns are made of casted aluminium
  • Lanterns can be supplied as top pole or wall mount model
  • Head style luminaires are made as top pole model or suspended version
  • Products are equipped with a 0,5 m connecting electrical cable
  • Housings are dust painted with epoxy paint thermal treatment to ensure long-term environmental protection against all weather conditions. Colour is anthracite grey. Other colours are available upon request
  • All screws are made of stainless steel
  • All gaskets are made of ozone and UV resistant silicone for IP65 protection
more characteristics about leds

Optical characteristics

  • Standardly we are using PMMA that is 100% UV resistant which prevents against yellowing over the entire life time of the lenses.
  • Polycarbonate lenses ensure high impact resistance.
  • Photometric files are available upon request.
Optic G (with XPL and XTE LEDs)
Optimised for ME road classes and wider roads (IESNA TYPE III)
Pole height from 7 – 12m, pole spacing from 25 – 45m


Optic C (with XPL and XTE LEDs)
Optimised for S road lighting classes with narrow roads (IESNA TYPE II/III)
Pole height from 4 – 8m, pole spacing from 25 – 45m


*upon request available also modified optics C without back spill light

Optic N (with XPL LEDs)


Wide beam optics (IESNA TYPE II) optimised for long pole distances, pedestrian & bike paths


Pole height from 4 – 9m, pole spacing from 30 – 55m

Optic L (with XPL LEDs)


Forward-thrown beam optics (IESNA TYPE IV) optimised for wide outdoor areas and parking lots


Pole height from 6 – 12m, pole spacing from 15 – 25m